How THC Pills Help Get You Through the Day

Pills, capsules, and tablets.

Portable & Potent

For medicinal users and those who enjoy cannabis but don’t like the smell of the smoke or the taste of smoldering weed, pills can be a handy alternative. These products contain a consistent amount of THC in a taste-free, odor-free form that users can depend on. These qualities make pills and tablets an ideal way for medical marijuana users to take their prescription on schedule, and they give recreational users a convenient way to elevate their mood. 

They can be used when other cannabis products can not and can deliver a useful quantity of cannabinoids in a way that doesn’t interfere with other activities. THC pills are great if you’re trying to avoid artificial flavors or fumbling with rolling papers. Our THC and CBD tablets may help improve your quality of life and ease a few of the minor pains you suffer in the pursuit of work, fun, and relaxation. 

Having different ways to enjoy cannabis is important for many different reasons, aside from avoiding objectionable smells and tastes. 
Pills can provide a smoke-free way for diabetics and those on a Keto-style diet to enjoy THC or CBD without having to vape or consume unnecessary calories or carbohydrates. Pills require no preparation or special tools – except for a glass of water – and can be carried easily in your pocket. THC pills can make perfect travel companions for day trips, weekend getaways, and holiday vacations. They can be used anywhere you need discrete help from cannabis!

How to Use Weed Pills
Cannabis in tablet or capsule form is easy to use. 
It’s a good idea to limit yourself to 10mg if it is the first time you are trying one of these products. Simply swallow the pill with water and in half an hour to two hours you will feel the effects. 
These are powerful THC products and should be handled with care. It’s important to remember that they may take up to two hours to work, so don’t be impatient and take more for at least two hours from when you took the first pill. 
Make sure to keep CBD and THC pills in a cold, dry, dark place away from children, pets, and animals.

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